Web Development

Web Design

When we tease out your web design we keep your business target market and framework in mind. Our team pays close attention to every detail of your project, monitoring its growth at every stage. The web design is one of the critical growth factors of your success in the online world. It reflects your business objectives and values, hence the first 20 seconds of visiting your website is vital to create an impact and lock in customers. As a premium website development company in Dubai, our design strategy is based on the following formula :-

  • Impression – Your website is the online ‘virtual face’ for your company, and it takes a few seconds to strike the first impression with your prospective clients. Hence it is our goal to carefully craft out impressive design options in order to creating that lasting impression.
  • User Friendly – When your website is user-friendly, it attracts more traffic and return visitors; bearing this factor in mind our design interfaces are elegant, easy to navigate, thus offering unique user experience.
  • Trends & Standards – AMTECUM IT adapts the latest trends and standards; a website designed by us features a modern interface with a powerful core and the highest web standards.
  • Responsive Design – In today’s tech age your website needs to be optimized for viewing on tablets and smartphones. Therefore we ensure that all our designs responsive, in order to gain maximum accessibility.

Our team works in close collaboration with you at every development stage, and we do not go live with the project until you are completely satisfied with the design, features, and accessibility.

Web Design!

The term Web Design is normally used to describe the design process which defines the look and feel of the website, It’s the combination of layout, structure, colors, fonts, photos, content.

Responsive Design is one of the major standards to make the website looks good and fitted on all devices (large screens, desktops, tablets, and phones).

Front End or Client Side of a website is the part that users interact with. Everything that you see when you open and navigate a website.

Web Development

Usability and functionality are the strategic pillars for a successful web presence. We at AMTECUM-IT ensure that our web development strategies are based on these two pillars. We adapt the latest technologies and qualitative web standards to ensure substantial growth of traffic to your website.

Whether it is developing brand new website or revamping a current website, our team takes into consideration the needs of your business; understand its complexities and requirements, while we develop and produce a fully customized project, so that your web presence achieves the desired results.

Web development services include:

  • Web Development technologies (HTML/CSS, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Database Integration
  • Web Applications
  • Web Portals

Web Development!

Web development refers to development procedure which defines the functionality of the website. It could be hosted via internet (world wide web) or intranet (local or private network).

Back End or Server Side consists of the server, application and database, it is responsible for all the functionality of the website

Content Management System (CMS) is a system accessible only for the website adminstrators to control and manage the content of the website.

Domains & Hosting

There can be no compromise on the quality and competence of your business website. Unique and catchy domain names, with comprehensive hosting capabilities, are the critical elements for your web development.

A domain name is decided on the nature of your business, it needs to be simple, unique, and most importantly available. The domain name also comprises of a suffix, which is based on either the geographical location (for eg:- .ae (UAE) .us (USA)) or the nature of the business .com or .org for non-profits. Each domain name can have more than one suffix, in order to protect your website, from being duplicated.

Hosting your website depends on the capabilities of the hosting server, its strength to handle web traffic, support features etc.

AMTECUM IT will help you choose the best options for your website. The registration service with a well-known domain registration company is free of charge – you just need to pay the annual registration fees defined by the registrar. And with our cost effective and comprehensive web hosting and domain services, your website will attract the desired traffic rankings.

Domain & Hosting!

Domain name is the unique address of your website on the internet www.yourdomain.com, its possible to choose a domain suffix from the defined options (.com, .org, .ae), Subdomain is the first part of your domain, the main is www you can add more sub domains based on your website structure and business needs

Hosting server is the physical area on which your website files, databases and emails are stored and processed.


What began as simple trading over the Internet since 1991 today has become one of the daily economy needs. Country economies thrive on the growth and contribution of e-commerce.

From buying and selling of a simple book, to online financial trading; e-commerce has become one of the most popular activities on the Internet today.

We at AMTECUM IT offer a wide range of customized e-commerce solutions in Dubai and worldwide. With our e-commerce solutions, your customers can purchase your services or products with minimal effort and maximum reliability. The flexible and user-friendly administrative dashboard gives you full control of product management, tracking orders and purchases.

The key winning factors of a profitable e-commerce portal are reliability, security, responsivity; our strategy is based on these factors so that the online shopping experience of your customers are fruitful.


E-commerce or Electronic commerce is the online shopping for buying and selling products or services over the internet, using different methods of payments.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps today have become one of the coolest trends for customer outreach. It empowers your business and you are able to communicate with your clients on a smart and dedicated platform.

Development of a mobile app requires precise development. And we at AMTECUM – IT can offer you the best customized mobile app solutions for enhancing your business. Our team of developers understands the needs of your business app, and we can develop any app to sustain on different operation systems such as the iPhone, Windows, and Android platforms, which can be operated either on a smartphone or a tablet.

Mobile Apps!

Mobile apps are applications downloaded on smart phone or tablets. Mobile apps could be accessed by internet or without, based on the structure of the app.

Based on the mobile platforms There are 3 common options of mobile apps, Native, Web based and Hybrid.