graphic design

Logo Design

A Logo is the ‘face’ of your company; it’s the non-vocal message of your company, which attracts customers, distinguishes you from your competitors, market your business, to gain the trust of your customers etc.

A logo needs to be elegant, unique and distinguishable among your competitors. The main elements which define a unique logo is the colour choices, design, typography, and visualization. These elements communicate your message to your clients. Hence based on your business ideology, our expert team incorporates your needs into one single graphic in order to bring a focus on your brand.

Logo Design!

Symbol/Icon – represents simple shaped symbol or icon, which can be easily remembered by human mind. (e.g. Audi, Apple, Mercedes)
Word Mark – It’s the company or brand name created in a uniquely styled text (e.g. Facebook, Google, Disney, Coca Cola)
Letter Mark – It’s a combination of the initial letters of the company name used as a symbol. (e.g. hp, Volkswagen, CNN)
Combination Mark – It’s a combination of word mark and symbol/icon (e.g. Nike, Adidas, Pizza Hut)

Corporate ID

The development of your Corporate Identity is critical in order to be distinguished from your competitors.

Our team will study your inputs, mission, goal, values etc., and cut out a game plan to establish your corporate identity in the market.

Our corporate identity services include the following, which can either be subscribed individually or as a package.

  • Logo Design
  • Customized Office Stationary
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead Design
  • Office Templates Design
  • Facility Branding

Croporate ID !

Main characteristics of the corporate IDs are the following:
colour element
letter type
commercial character element


Branding is one of the important growth factors for your company. A strong branding strategy will always yield desired results, and fortify your corporate identity. Some of the important elements of Branding comprise of your logo, website, color themes, social media presence, quality content etc. Your unique branding styles makes your company stand out in the market, and increases value and trust among your clients.

Our design team will sketch out certain designs and recommend theme colors, while our content team will recommend smart catchlines, produce quality content for marketing, with a careful choice of words, which will play an important role in branding your company’s image.

Our team aims to establish your corporate identity based on the best branding strategy that we adapt for you. The team will constantly keep a tab on the development of the branding strategy as it evolves.

Branding !

Benefits of having a successful branding:
To become well-known and well-remembered. Gain customer’s loyalty and inspire them to pay for image and quality.

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers & Brochures are your non-vocal marketing tools, which have the power to speak to your clients. But the key to making these crucial tools captivating, it needs to catch the eye. Our team takes into consideration every detail about your company’s product & service value, in order to present the most creatively designed flyer and/or brochure.

Flyers & Brochures !

Flyers are single folded or unfolded printed pages, contain brief description about the company.
Brochures usually contain folds and have more content targeted to the customers interested in certain products or services.


In the age of new media traditional forms of advertising are becoming stagnant, hence the use of presentations to speak to your target clientele is the new trend. We at Amtecum-IT aim to create and develop presentations, which augment your business growth. These presentations are developed based on the objective, demographics, vision, and target audience of your business. Presentations could be in either video, or slideshow formats, meticulously edited.

Presentations !

Informative – to present simple and brief information
Instructional – to provide special directions or orders
Arousing – to grasp the people attention into certain problem or situation
Persuasive – to convince the audience to accept your suggested action or proposal