Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization is a targeted marketing strategy used to increase website traffic by achieving high rankings in the search results. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are the most commonly used methods of navigation by Internet users, and being listed in their top rankings generates more traffic to your website.

However, to be ranked among the front pages of these search engines, is a daunting task. But we at Amtecum IT can help you achieve the desired results on the search engines, with our organic SEO campaign and rich content strategies, which would developed by our web and content development teams.

Even after the launch of your website, the SEO campaign continues on a monthly basis, with periodical updates on traffic growth.


Search Engine Optimization is the process used to increase the number of visitors of a website by getting high rankings in the search results.

Search Engines are web-based systems used to locate information on the internet, like Google, Bing, Yahoo,..etc

Organic SEO is a campaign done without paying the search engine to be on the first page results

Social Media

Social Media Marketing increases traffic to your website through social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Establishing your presence on the social media spectrum augments your client outreach and enhances online presence.

Simple techniques such as sharing a useful article, writing a post or adding a picture definitely catches the attention of social media users, which will drive traffic to your website.

To make sure you reap the benefits of social media marketing, AMTECUM IT will create and customize your company pages on all social media websites, boost your page value by increasing the number of followers and keep it updated with content-rich posts.

Social Media!

Social Media are online tools, which help individual and companies to create, share, exchange information in the virtual social networking zone. Facebook & Twitter are examples of social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective, convenient, and economical marketing techniques to communicate to your current clients, as well introduce yourselves to prospective leads.

We provide user-friendly and effective marketing services in Dubai, when you partner with us, our team of designers and marketing specialists will sketch out customized solutions for driving your email marketing campaigns, and effectively reaching out to your clients.

Through email marketing campaigns, you can either communicate about product or service launches, important company developments, change of services etc., all in a matter of minutes.

Email Marketing!

Bulk emails sent to selected audience or companies as an electronic newsletter or marketing emails, it could contain introduction, latest news and offers.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is your most important marketing tool used to attract clients. It forms one of the most integral factors of your marketing campaigns for your business.

Relevant content is scribbled out by our specialists after considering the objective of your marketing campaign, and distributed through the right channels, so that your clients receive it. We also review the content of your websites, blogs and edit it to perfection; strategically enter strong keywords, so that your website receives maximum traffic.

We also ensure that your content is updated periodically and accessible to many clients as possible, through different means.

Content Marketing!

Content produced for your target audience, which is delivered through different mediums, either through print or digital.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click marketing is a powerful Internet marketing tool where the advertisers pay for each click on their ad instead of organic visits.

Your website would appear in the ad section of the search engine results page, along with other companies. Each time when researchers click on your website, after they find it based on the keywords they entered, you pay a small fee for the click.

For example if you are a keychain manufacturer located in Dubai, and a user searches for key chain manufacturers in Dubai, your website would be listed as an ad among the first results or on the search engine results page, giving immediate exposure to prospective clients.

PPC guarantees high-ranking positions in search engine results. To ensure that your PPC campaign is as powerful as possible, our online marketing specialists will carry out deep research to define the best strategy and keywords, based on your business goals and target audience.

Pay Per Click!

Pay Per Click is when advertisers pay a certain fee whenever a user clicks on their online ad, which is displayed in the search engine results